Cornwall Photographic Books

Cornwall is undoubtedly a beautiful county and Cornwall’s photographic books prove it!

Sea and Shore Cornwall: Common and Curious Findings

A beautiful collection of photographs, discoveries and natural history that is by turn atmospheric, quirky and fascinating. Many of the photographs are glimpses of the mercurial sea around Cornwall’s shores in all its moods, from sunlit shallows to exhilarating waves powering into cliffs.

Woven in with these is Lisa’s haphazard museum of finds – the often strangely beautiful things she has picked up on Cornwall’s shores, along with any curious or interesting findings from her subsequent research. There are wonderful names – by-the-wind sailors, the warty venus – and some extraordinary creatures in this inter-tidal world, their lives at times violent, charming and bizarre.

There is much of the evocative and often mysterious language of the sea, with some beautiful old Cornish words: many portents of bad weather – the sun-dog, graving clouds – and a telling number to describe a fine misty drizzle. There is also the odd maritime legend and some wonderful oceanographers’ research: a science of washed up trainers, bath ducks and fishermen’s boots lost at sea.

Cornwall in Photographs

In this book, photographer Gabriel Fuchs takes the reader on a journey around one of the most beautiful regions of the UK, Cornwall.

At the very heart of the West Country, take a tour along lengthy beaches and clifftop walks, and through picturesque harbour villages and country farms.

Gabriel presents a variety of Cornish landscapes, showing off the county’s famous sites and hidden-away gems with a collection of 130 breathtaking images.

Beautiful Cornwall: A Portrait of a County

Beautiful Cornwall is a book photographically celebrating the stunning beauty of the county of Cornwall, the culmination of southwest England’s rugged peninsula.

Divided into five chapters, the first is a text-led overview of what Cornwall is like, in terms of landscape, the natural environment, its towns, and the farming, fishing and tourism parts of its livelihood.

Chapters 2 to 5 are photo-essays covering different parts of the county: The East, North Cornwall and Bodmin Moor, South Cornwall, and the Far West (including the Scillies).

Being strongly photo-led, concentrating on the beauty of Cornwall, and a short book, it is intended that Beautiful Cornwall should appeal to anyone looking for a memento of time spent in the county, whether living there or visiting.

Photographing Cornwall

Cornwall is among the most beautiful and varied counties in Britain.

The images in Photographing Cornwall capture some of its most stunning locations: cliffs, stacks and arches of the coastline; beautiful beaches; heather-clad moors; wooded valleys; ancient farmed landscapes, and the remains of an industrial past.

Cornwall is pictured through the seasons and revealed in all its moods.

This book will appeal to all who love Cornwall, and are inspired by its landscape. Photographers will appreciate the provision of technical details for the images, and hints on taking landscape photographs.

Photographing Cornwall and Devon

PHOTOGRAPHING CORNWALL AND DEVON is a photography-location guidebook.Boasting much of the UK’s most spectacular coastline, together with endless rolling hills of patchwork countryside and the high moorland of Exmoor and Dartmoor, the South West is renowned for its beautiful landscapes and is rich with photographic potential.

Author and professional photographer Adam Burton describes 70 of the best locations in Cornwall, Devon and West Somerset for photography in this lavishly illustrated photography-location guidebook featuring 300 stunning photographs, including detailed advice on how to take great photographs.

The book features seascapes and beaches, Cornish tin mines, headlands and cliffs, villages and harbours, taverns and inns, packhorse bridges and megalithic sites, churches, rolling patchwork countryside, waterfalls, streams and mystical woodlands, granite tors and moorland.

There are detailed OS maps with directions and co-ordinates for each location, location accessibility notes, best time of day and year including seasonal highlights, sun compass, photographic tips and techniques, special advice on long exposures for seascape photography.

Cornwall Photographic Books

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