History, Heritage and Factual Books set in Cornwall

The Little Book of Cornwall

A compendium of fascinating information about Cornwall past and present, this book contains a plethora of entertaining facts about the county’s famous and occasionally infamous men and women, its towns and countryside, history, natural history, literary, artistic and sporting achievements, agriculture, transport, industry and royal visits. 

The Little History of Cornwall

There is nothing little about the history of Cornwall! However, this small volume condenses that fascinating, rich history into a collection of stories and facts that will make you marvel at the events the county has witnessed.

Discover Henry VIII s plan to protect the county from invasion from Catholic Europe, the important development of tin mining on the north coast and the rise of seaside resorts all around the county. Take a journey through Cornwall s historic struggles and celebrations or jump in to the era of your choice to discover the who, what and why of Cornish history.

A Book of Cornwall

A wonderful book about Cornwall and the history of Cornwall by S. Baring-Gould. Covering all the of the places in-depth and giving you a unique insight. Any profits made from the sale of this book will go towards supporting the Freeriver Community project, a wonderful project that aims to support community and encourage well-being. 

A History Of Cornwall

This classic history of Cornwall provides a comprehensive review of Britain’s most south-westerly county. With absorbing detail, Halliday relates the story of the Bronze Age stone circles and Iron Age citadels; the coming of the Saints; the dissolution of the monasteries and the Tudor rebellions; the Armada and the war with Spain; the preaching of John Wesley; the making of the railway; and into this fascinating pattern of the centuries he weaves the two threads of the sea and Cornish tin. In this clear and vibrant account, Halliday skilfully illustrates what makes this historic county so exceptional.

Lost Cornwall

The Little Cornish FISH AND SEAFOOD Cookbook: Fish and seafood with sides, salads, and soups with a Cornish twist. 70+ recipes. By Beatriz Treloar.

From Beatriz Treloar, the exciting young female head chef at Seafood on Stilts restaurant by the sea in St Ives, Cornwall comes a collection of recipes with a focus on fish and seafood in this new cookbook. As Beatriz says:

“This food features largely in our restaurants, but it was influenced by my growing up on a coastal farm near Zennor, west of St Ives in Cornwall. This little book has seafood, fish, soups, sides, salads and “free-from” recipes. I have started with a focus on seafood as that is where my heart lies and what I love to cook.”

“In the restaurant we always include a couple of “non fish” choice on the menu for those who don’t eat fish and I have included a few in this book. Plus some “unfishy” soups and sides and Early Bird breakfast options, as we all like variety in our lives.”
With 70+ easy to follow recipes and variations, try a little taste of Cornwall.

The book’s sections are Mains, Early Bird breakfasts, From the Grill, Soups and Sides, Sauces and Salads, and Gluten Free Baking.

The clearly laid out recipes include Monkfish and tomato curry with prawns, Crab fishcakes with variations, Shell-poached scallops with ginger soy and Parma ham, Fish pasty with cod or haddock, Haddock chilli scramble, Sorrel omelette, Christmas Eve barbequed seabass with vanilla, tomato and basil, Mackerel stuffed with orange and fennel, Crab and watercress soup, Spicy Cornish seafood chowder, Mussels poached in cider with chorizo thyme and leek, and Italian seafood paste.

Beatriz Treloar is the exciting young head chef at Seafood on Stilts in St Ives, who first appears in the second DI Treloar Cornish crime thriller, the award-winning Broken Dove by L A Kent.She is the youngest of DI Félipe Treloar’s three sisters.

History, Heritage and Factual Books set in Cornwall

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